​​​​​Wisconsin Dells Taxi®

Locally Owned and Operated:

Wisconsin Dells Taxi ® is locally owned and operated. Bringing passion to a rather dry, harsh industry. Owner Keshia Gregerson, has been implementing fundraising into her business, for the past duration of her ownership, and is always looking for deserving, local causes to give back to. 

Locals Supporting Locals. 

A firm belief, and business objective. Owner Keshia believes that small knit communities like Wisconsin Dells, operate on the belief that we "spend money, where we make money." That the infrastructure of a small, tourist town like Wisconsin Dells, depends on this theory.

"If we all turn around and spend our profits locally, we will self sustain. Shop at your local grocery store. Buy from your local paint shop. Enjoy meals at local eateries. This turn-table is what makes Wisconsin Dells great. I am a proud resident of such a great community."

Read About Us:

"Another organization in Wisconsin Dells is the SAFE RIDE program run by the Wisconsin Dells/Delton Tavern League. The program partners with 45 bars and provides vouchers to bars to hand out to patrons."

"Owner offers FREE rides to the polls."